The Instrumental Thracian Choir of the Historical and Folklife Museum of New Orestiada and Region was founded in 1993 signifying a new era for the traditional song at the region of Orestiada. It has more than 80 members and its repertoire includes traditional songs from Thrace, Minor Asia and all regions of Greece.

The Choir has taken part in many festivals in Greece and abroad. It has also taken part in many events and festivals organized in all cities of Evros province in Greece, as well as in events at many of the villages of Orestiada region and military units of the province. It participated in memorials held at Thessaloniki, at the panhellenic meeting of retired Scouts of Greece held in New Orestiada, events at the cities of Greece Neochorouda and New Epivates in Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Kavala, Komotini, Ptolemaida, Lamia, Hellespontos municipality in Kozani, Serres, etc. It has also participated in events in Geneva and Zurich (Switzerland), in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), in Constantinople where it has also performed for the greek minority, in International Festival of traditional songs and dances in Romania, in World Multicultural Festival in Hong Kong, etc.

The Choir was present at events organized for the immigrants of Northern Evros. It has presented a special programme for the 4rth World Conference of Thracians held in 1998 in New Orestiada and has regularly responded to invitations of many cultural or other organizations.

The Choir has recorded four musical collections:

1. Historical and folk songs from Thrace and Macedonia.

2. Thracian songs of dance and love.

3. Thracian carols (traditional wish songs performed on Christmas Day Eve, New-Years's Eve and Twelfth Day) and carols from other parts of Greece.

4. Folk songs from Constantinople and Minor Asia.

Conductor of the Choir is the professor of Byzantine Music Vassilis Papamichail.