The Municipality of Orestiada consists of the city of New Orestiada and the municipal districts of Ampelakia, Arzos Valtos, Dikaia, Elaia, Zoni, Therapio, Thourio, Kavyli, Kastanies, Komara, Kyprinos, Marasia, Megali Doxipara, Milea, New Chimonio, New Vissa, Neohori, Ormenio, Pentalofos, Petrota, Plati, Ptelea, Rizia, Spilaio, Sterna, Fylakio and Chandras. The city has a population of 18,426 inhabitants and the whole municipality a population of 37,695 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census.

The urban center of the municipality, the city of New Orestiada, is a new city that was created in 1923 after the Lausanne Treaty was signed, with original inhabitants refugees from Karagats and Adrianople. It has the prefix "New" because the Greek name for Karagats, from which the majority of the inhabitants came, was Orestiada.

The Municipality of Orestiada is located in the northern part of the Prefecture of Evros and borders geographically with Turkey and Bulgaria. The city of New Orestiada is at an altitude of 40 meters. The driving distance from Alexandroupolis is 114 km, 407 km from Thessaloniki and 906 km from Athens. The distance of the city from the river Evros, which is the natural boundary between Greece and Turkey, is 2 km in a straight line. The driving distance from Adrianople is 23 km, 60 km from the Ormenio customs office (Greece and Bulgaria borders) and 35 km from the Kyprinos customs office (Greece and Bulgaria borders).

New Orestiada is characterized by its modern street plan. Its area is considered to be one of the most fertile and productive areas of Greece with a countryside that is distinguished by its beauty and wealth. Its inhabitants are hospitable and progressive. The city's intellectual and cultural development is remarkable with cultural associations, theatrical groups, sports clubs and a plethora of cultural events and festivals. It is also home to the Agricaltural Development Department and the Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources Department of the Democritus University of Thrace.